Monday, September 28, 2015


On Sept. 13th 2015, I received a call to inform me that my beloved sen (brother) & cherished friend Pierre "Kemetech" had been killed. My sen was on his way to work early in the morning, either riding his bike or walking with it on the side of the road. Apparently, someone mowed him down & left him there to die in the road! I've heard it said that Souls pass on from their human existence when it is their time to go. Well, I disagree with this on so many levels… as in this case, someone has killed my sen. He did not simply expire from his human existence naturally… he was murdered! It was NOT his "time," nor was it his area to leave his journey here.
He was 37 yrs. of age & his B-EARTH-Day was just 10 days earlier. Both of our B-EARTH-Days are in Sept., & the last thing he said to me was "Happy B-EARTH-Day brotha'!"
The depth of hurt & sorrow I've had due to this tragedy has been extremely severe. My heart aches & my entire being wants this to have never of happened. In some ways, my human emotions would have me feel like I should've been there with him, for it cuts deep to know that he died there on that road ALL ALONE! I am so very, very regretful that this has happened.
Humans have got to stop their shyt! We must return to balance & always remember to love on each other while we are on this planet. Balance is the only frequency that can bring about an environment that can keep this kind of madness from visiting upon our journey here. Surely many will disagree with this… & that's fine - I'm simply sharing my cosmic view on the matter.
This composition is for mer sen i (my beloved brother). It is a capture of the feelings I have as I go over the memories of times spent with Pierre, the energy of Pierre as it pertains to our brotherhood & our Cosmic Oneness. It also captures the sadness I have had due to the passing of Pierre… but also of the happiness I feel, knowing that Pierre knew enough about who he truly was, to be triumphant in finding his way back to Khuiland (Paradise).
Lastly, the intro. is a byte of a msg. Pierre left me late one night, where he had fallen into a brook while on his way to a party. When he left the house he was dry as a desert… when he called, he was soaking wet! He wanted me to come & pick him up so he could change his clothes & get to that damn party! He was always finding himself in crazy shyt like that, & always, always keeping us laughing.
I hope this offering will be received with the same energy it was conjured with… BALANCE!, & I hope that in someway it will help anyone who may be in the midst of regret & sorrow. Listen for the remembrance of goodness in the composition… it is surely there!
Hetepu whyt! (Satisfaction/Peace family!),

Conjured, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Recorded at TANASETAKU TEMPLE (Galactic Mut System)

Sunday, September 27, 2015


ODH-S-0020: Tantra - Here & Now
π © 2015 Original Drum Hsi (G)

All Trks.: Conjured, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme

SassyAzz - The Key Is Yours (Reproz' & Alt. Album Versions) OUT NOW!

ODH-S-0018: The Key Is Yours (REPROZ')
π © 2015 Original Drum Hsi (G) / π 2015 Sultry Seduction Lyric

Written & Performed by SassyAzz for Sultry Seduction Lyric
SassyAzz appears courtesy of Sultry Seduction Music

 ODH-S-0019: The Key Is Yours (Original Album Mix Alternate Versions)
π © 2015 Original Drum Hsi (G) / π 2015 Sultry Seduction Lyric

SassyAzz special dua (gratitude) shouts:
Dua my brother, "mi Neetah" (Neter Supreme) for your ingenious musical vision. You were my first & only choice to work with for my first project. It only took us a good four years to finally put it in motion, but it was well worth the wait. Master Jedi status!!! Thank you also to my fellow Jedi's Enoo Napa, Rated M & Shino Blackk for coming aboard the SassyAzz "The Key Is Yours Remix Project." You all gave this project dimension and distinction… It's so "Sassy!" To my brother Stan for his support. To Alondra, Britney, Veronica, & to my sister Wanda, who's spirit continues to dance in a higher place, though is always here with me. Dua to all of you who have, & are still supporting my musical journey. Lastly, Dua to the entire Original Drum Hsi & Underverse Sanctuary family for always supporting one another. We are one!
Peace & Love!
Sass' (Mutship Queen)

Monday, August 17, 2015


ODH-S-0017: Pillow Hawk
Cosmic Asset

Original Drum Hsi is honored to present to the planet "Pillow Hawk" by Cosmic Asset. As ODH always comes strong, here we have another multi-vibrational release. The EP begins with "Pillow Hawk" the "Dreamlands Mixes". This version of the song is Cosmic Asset's rendition of the Sylvia (Sylvia Robinson A.K.A. The God-Mother Of Hip Hop) - timeless classic "Pillow Talk." Done in the style of Soulful Dance, with in-depth orchestration, instrument leads, powerful drum programming & rhodes & organ solos, this rendition honors the original musical concept while in the same area carrying it to another level.

Next on this release are the "Stardust Mixes." These are the versions of the composition that speak more accurately to the songs title. Seen on the cover is a glyph of the Tasetian Neter Heru positioned over a headrest, which even the Wodaabe Tribe of Central & N. West Africa use to this very day.

Written & performed by Original Drum Hsi's very own Nee-Tah Link, "Pillow Hawk" is about the true activities of a Soul while it gives rest to its human position & soars the Cosmos. As it was known long ago, a Soul is a piece or a particle of Eternity, & therefore it never sleeps or needs rest. The "Stardust Mixes" come flooded with Cosmic frequencies within spiritually hypnotic orchestration & of course strong percussion! The underlying energy & vibratory tone of "Pillow Hawk" is that of the Cosmos… BALANCED!, & one thing that a Soul owns, & is sure as gravity, is its Cosmic Assets! We extend this offering to you with hopes you will "Cosmically" receive it. DuaU abt! (Much gratitude family!)

1. Pillow Hawk (Dreamlands Mix Main)
2. Pillow Hawk (Dreamlands Mix No Lead)
3. Pillow Hawk (Stardust Mix Vox)
4. Pillow Hawk (Stardust Mix Boiler Room Pass)
5. Pillow Hawk (Stardust Mix Instr.)

All Trks.: Conjured, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Lead & Backing Vocals TRKS 3-5: Nee-Tah
Written by Neter Supreme / Nee-Tah Link Lyric (G)

Special Dua (gratitude) shouts to: Mut-Net-Jed & all that is balanced & knowing what it is. To all Aku spirits who took part in the bringing forth of this offering. To Mut-i, Alkmology, Gretchen Vereen, Tony Humphries, David A. Tobin, MattSki, DJ Sagi, Rated M, Rick Shaw, Culoe De Song, Brandon Delagraentiss, Lebohang Mohlaloha, Enoo Napa, XtetiQsoul, Ancestral Vybes & The Iklwa Bros. fam', Alpha & Olmega, Veja Vee Khali, Maugrabins Progetto, Jared "J-Cot-Society" Cotton, Chuck Moore, Shino Blackk, Myles Bigelow, Ben Johnson, Dave Montoya (Modern Soul Radio), Terry Hunter, Michael Fossati (SpiritOfHouse), Osunlade, Soul Summit, & to each Soul who supports Original Drum Hsi & Neter Supreme. DuaU! (Much gratitude!)

Thursday, August 13, 2015



Original Drum Hsi is honored to welcome Brandon Delagraentiss to the label family!
Brandon; Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Director, TV Producer, Teacher & Model, to state a few of the hats he wears, really needs no introduction. His many works are too numerous to even begin to mention here. Just run his name through a web search & you will instantly see exactly what we mean.

In the late summer of '14, Brandon contacted Neter Supreme for reproduction of "Thank You" as he planned out his A.D.E. (Amsterdam Dance Event) performance & presentation of his brand new video of "Thank You." When asked to work with Brandon, Neter was truly honored! Here we must note that Brandon's vocal range & ability is extensive to say the least. Neter got in the studio & got to work on the composition, & the rest is history.

The reception, response & positive feedback of the reproduction of "Thank You" was so great, that Brandon released the performance version of the mix on iTunes in late '14. Brandon & Neter then decided to release the full reproduction version - "Neter's Dua Anthem" on Original Drum Hsi in Summer '15. At that point, Neter decided that he'd give the song a few more versions for the many styles that are vibrant at this time in the Dance Music Community.
That being said, we are proud to offer you "Thank You (The Neter Supreme Mixes)"
There are 3 different style mixes from Ancestral, to Afro & Soulful Dance/House.
Available in 3 parts as follows.

Pt. 1 (Disc A) (Ancestral Mixes)

Pt. 2 (Disc B) (Soulful & Afro Mixes)

Pt. 3 (Disc C) (Companion Mixes Of Ancestral Version)


You can now purchase this BANGAH' exclusively on our label site. 
For more info. on Brandon Delagraentiss, please visit his website here:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Various Artists - Beyond Black Holes Vol. 1 & 2 OUT NOW!



Thursday, January 1, 2015

Neter's NYE '14-'15 Tracklisting

1/ Slam Slam / Nothing Like It / MCA
2/ Neter Supreme / Starless / Original Drum Hsi
3/ Dah' Ju Ju / Zulu Doublez (Neter's Jumpahz' Splyt) / Promo
4/ William Rosario & Duane Harden / Sweatin'
5/ Terry Hunter Ft. Jay Adams / We Are One (Kelly G's Juke Joint Dub) / T's Box
6/ Ralf Gum Ft. KB / My Angel / GoGo
7/ Deep'endsoul & Mondodeluxe / I Can't Get No Sleep At Night / Vibe Boutique
8/ JayMoss Crew Crew / Come Back To Me (Shino Blakk Edit) / DHR
9/ Cooperman Ft. Ivy / Umhlaba / Peng
10/ Arnaud D Ft. Thandi Draai & Phumulani / Bekezela (Black Motion Tale Of The Monkeys Mix) / Nulu
11/ DJ Sbu Ft. Smile / Welcome To My World / TS Rec.
12 / Jamie Lewis Ft. Michael Watford / For You (Djaimin Ibiza Mix) / Purple
13/ The Wayouts / Surrounded (Honeycomb Mix) / Honeycomb
14/ Monodeluxe Ft. Robert Owens / Move Your Soul / Vibe Boutique
15/ London Grammer / If You Wait (Ancestral Vybez Rmx) / Promo
16/ QT / Moments (Culoe De Song Mix) / Promo
17/ XtetiQsoul / Orchestrate (Original) / Iklwa Brothers
18/ Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith - Latch (Neter's Galactic Key Repro.) / Promo
19/ DJ Sbu Ft. Melo & Tweety / Intliziyo Yami / TS Rec.
20/ Hackney Colliery Band / A Bit Of Common Decency (Fedka The Irritant Rmx) / Promo
21/ Chantay Savage / Let Nobody (Terry Hunter Main) / T's Box
22/ Hot Since 82 / Womb / ?
23/ K.O.T. Ft. April / I Need To Love (XtetiQsoul Iklwa Dance Mix) / Promo
24/ Soulful Session Ft. Maya Blu / Promise / Tony Rec.
25/ Down To The Bone / Put A Different Spin On It (Sounds Of Soul Mix) / Promo
26/ Jersey Maestro's Ft. Kim Beacham - Let's Talk About Love (Neter Supreme Summer '77 Mix) / Promo
27/ Cuebur Ft. Khensy / U Ta Swikota / Soul Candi
28/ DJ Sbu Ft. Bacca / Change (DJ Game Rmx) / TS Rec.
29/ Cuebur Ft. Zano / Brand New Me / Soul Candi
30/ Mo' Flava Ft. Cocosoul & Thiwe / Stay / ?
31/ Problem Child / Barobosi Chant / Nulu
32/ Neter Supreme / Amatongo / Original Drum Hsi
33/ Avery Sunshine / Call My Name (DJ Kemit & Luke Austin Rmx) / Promo
34/ Bleu IBrah / Perle / Promo
35/ Roy Davis Jr. Ft. Terry Dexter / My Nation (Original) / Mile End
36/ Ron Trent Pres. TKumah Sadeek / I Will Be There / Future Vision
37/ Mi Casa / These Streets (Mercivsoul & Antique Tee House Keypa's Soothsayer Mix) / Promo
38/ Neter Supreme / Music Is Everything (Album Version) / Khali Rec. ~ Original Drum Hsi
39/ Diatonicfamily / Deep I Am / ?
40/ Twa / Batwa (ODH Bush Break) / Promo
41/ Neter Supreme / Woodabe (Neter's Ambient Backdrop) / Promo
42/ Mr. Raoul K / Dounougnan Magni (Chap. 3) (Simbad Suite) / Baobab

Friday, December 26, 2014

Neter Supreme Dec. 25th S.O.T.S. Marathon: TRACKLISTING

01/ Selan & Louis Benedetti / Reflection (Main) / Soulshine
02/ DJ Msega & Black Motion / Cosmic Dust (Retouch Floor Mix) / ?
03/ Jennifer Hudson / It's Your World (Neter's Drum Vox Edit) / Promo
04/ Brandon Delagraentiss / Thank You (Neter's DuaU Mix) / Original Drum Hsi Promo
05/ Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith / Latch (Neter's Galactic Key Repro.) / Promo
06/ DJ Spen Ft. Tracy Hamlin / Thanks To You (Ext. LP Mix) / Quantize
07/ Jersey Maestro's Ft. Kim Beacham / Let's Talk About Love (Neter's Summer '77 Mix) / Promo
08/ Giulio Bonaccio Ft. David Walker & Melonie Daniels / Love / ?
09/ Karen Harding / Say Something (Wookie Rmx) / ?
10/ Tracy Brathwaite / Loyalty (Honeycomb Vox) / Honeycomb
11/ Avery Sunshine / Call My Name (DJ Kemit & Luke Austin Rmx) / ?
12/ Twisted Mind Ft. Matoz & Liliana Almeida / Dancing Trumps /Epoque
13/ Curbur Ft. Zano / Brand New Me / Soulcandi
14/ Black Motion / That Song (Tribute To Kwani Experience) / Kalawa Jazmee
15/ A Tribe Called Red / Look At This / Electric Pow-Wow Promo
16/ Jackie Queens / Conqueror (Enoo Napa Opaque Mix) / Iklwa Promo
17/ K.O.T. Ft. April / I Need To Love (XtetiQsoul Iklwa Dance Mix) / Promo
18/ Nastee Nev Ft. Cei Bei / The Thanks I Get / House Afrika
19/ Blistic Soul / Comfort Zone / Original Drum Hsi Promo
20/ Ron Trent Pres. TKuma Sadeek / In Time / Future Vision (Vinyl Only)
21/ ZolaEmoBoys / Happy Feelings (Original) / Promo
22/ Neter Supreme / Starless / Original Drum Hsi
23/ Vivian Green / When Can I See You Again (Neter's Made It Happen Repro.) / Promo
24/ Neter Supreme / Amatongo (Album Version) / Khali Rec. SA ~ Original Drum Hsi
25/ Black Motion Ft. Xoli M / Rainbow / Kalawa Jazmee
26/ Eltonnick Ft. Zaki Ibrahim / Firefly (Enoo Napa Opaque Mix) / Promo
27/ Monoclez & Slezz Ft. Sacred Soul & Thandeka / Truly (Original) / Skalla
28/ Tobascosozz Ft. Ayanda Jiya / Love Supreme (Gemini Boys Deep Interpretation) / Think House
29/ Myles Bigelow / Higher Frequency / A-Typical-Dopeness (Vinyl Only)
30/ UnnaYanaa / Eru Maliye / A-Typical-Dopeness (Vinyl Only)
31/ Lady X / Loving You (Black Motion Mix) / Promo
32/ MSK & DJ Tea Ft. Dave / Nomperere (Djeff Afrozilla Private Mix) / Promo
33/ King P Ft. Carryn Kramer / I Wish / Promo
34/ Thee Gobbs Ft. Tsholo / The Love (Atjazz Floor Dub) / Atjazz
35/ Neter Supreme / The Reminder (Acapella) / Original Drum Hsi Promo
36/ Bucie / Can Get It / Demor Music
37/ Black Motion Ft. Xoli M / It's So Hard / Promo
38/ Unknown / Reach Out (Touch Me) / Unknown
39/ Culoe De Song / Y.O.U.D. (Original) / Innervisions
40/ Ancestral Vybes Ft. Kaysoul / Hey Baby (Main) / Original Drum Hsi Promo
41/ Mr. Raoul K / Dounougnan Magni (Chap. 3) (Simbad Suite Mix) / Baobab
42/ Siji / Children Of The Sun (Yoruba Soul Rmx) / IVY Rec.
43/ Bleu IBrah / Carpinus Betulus / Promo
44/ Ralf Gum Ft. KB / My Angel / GoGo
45/ Sheldon So Goode / Where U R (Ntr-A-Pella Edit) / Promo
46/ Soulful Session Ft. Natasha Watts / So High (Neter Supreme Soul Lift Mix) / Tony Rec.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Sat. Dec. 20th 2014
Join us as we celebrate the start of another S.O. (Standard Orbit) around the core star of this solar system.
We will be blasting off with some of The Underverse Sanctuary family at the controls starting at 10am Eastern Standard Time.
You can tune into the live broadcast here on the blog: In the upper right corner you will see the ustream player, where you can just listen, or if you'd like to sign into chat, you can do that as well.
You can also tune into the live broadcast via The Underverse Sanctuary Ustream page.
Here is the link for that:

We wish you all a happy holiday, whatever it is you recognize during the season.
Most of all, we hope you all will remember that we are all on the same planet together, & that includes every last reality of Nature.
As realities of Eternity, we must remember that division between one being from another will surely lead to utter destruction & unhappiness in our existence.
KNOWLEDGE OF SELF is thee only way to come back into the harmony of the Cosmos.
KNOW THYSELF family! Have a Happy Holiday!

Releases Now Available & Coming Soon on Original Drum Hsi (Label)